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Atlas Stellarum - Ep. 11: MUSHBERRIES!!!

No good deed goats unpunished--in helping some hapless goat creatures called 'Nobbles' the gang inadvertently find a secret.

Atlas Stellarum - Ep. 10: Resurrections

Plagued by strange memories, the gang takes an unexpected turn when they find themselves back inside the Matrix--I mean waltzing straight into the evil wizard Norix' territory.

Atlas Stellarum - Ep. 8: Wake and Take

Do you wanna see a dead body? This episode, the crew gets Barbecued.

Atlas Stellarum - Ep.7: Cool Hand Fred

The gang does not gain an awesome new A.I. crewmate no matter what they say.

Atlas Stellarum - Ep.6: Moment of Tooth

In this episode, our heroes come to a tragic, mid-combat realization: the airship they're travelling in doesn't have a Veranda Module installed!

Atlas Stellarum - Ep.5: Crash Philandering

Having narrowly escaped through the portal, the gang continues to flirt with disaster as they are immediately picked up by local forces--it seems someone on this world has been expecting them.

Atlas Stellarum - Ep.4: Moose Lips Sink Ships

The crew locks horns with a mighty moose of mythic mass, but is this behemoth just a bump in the road as the mysteries deepen? Once more, into the breach!

Atlas Stellarum - Ep. 3: A Vroom with a View

Finally the crew arrives at their objective, the dormant portal, only to find it infested with infected wildlife. It seems like it'll be a turkey shoot... but who's the turkey!?

Atlas Stellarum - Ep. 2: Fungus Amongus

The gang heads into town where their problems quickly mushroom. A bizarre sickness has infected the townsfolk, the source of which points towards the new portal. Closing in on the portal and the missing robot scout, not everyone will make it through unscathed.

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